Thank you North County for all your support

We had a great run over the last 7 years and accomplished so much for our community with your wonderful support.

The Cool Hall is now under the control of the California State Grange


If you would like more information or wish to join us in our next efforts to support our community please click and stick with us. Stay tuned, more good stuff to come. 

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Christmas Dinner
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The Cool Community Association would like to thank our wonderful North County community for their generous support over the last seven years. Together we have accomplished so much for our community.
Unfortunately, CCA is now compelled to turn over the Historic Cool Hall, land, bank accounts, tables, chairs, pots, pans and toothpicks to the California State Grange.
We disagree with this ruling from the El Dorado County Superior Court, but we will abide by it. 

The Grange orders’ self-serving, long standing insular rules and points of procedure are not compatible with our inclusive, “grass roots” approach – which is to preserve our community’s heritage and promote growth here on a local level. When we took the hall over, it was decrepit and suffering from long term neglect.

 As a public charity, our inclusive message resonated with our community. The results: a new roof, new electrical circuits, led lighting, air conditioning, bathroom remodel yielding full ADA compliance, 8 foot by 8 foot by 20 foot storage unit, lightweight tables and so much more.

The grange has rebuffed all our approaches to negotiate. It is their way or the highway. A proposal to restart the grange by some of our members to keep continuity with the community was rejected out of hand, no discussions. 

While the State and National organizations have paid employees approaching a 1 Million dollar employee budget and 401k matching plans, all the local halls are 100% staffed by volunteers. The Grange takes all the dues from the local halls and splits them between the state and national organizations. We disagree this money should be taken out of the local community to pay for the 20+ legal suits pending against halls like ours in California. We strongly advocate local communities should not fund Grange activities that give nothing back to the contributing communities. All local halls have to provide for themselves through community outreach, yet the State and National organizations do no fund raising for themselves as per their own tax filings.

The entire board is unanimously stepping down and turning over operations to the State organization. We encourage our members to think about how they want to proceed and we hope they will join us in stepping away from this self serving organization. However, we understand if some wish to go back. We respect your choice just as we hope you will respect ours. 

Our board members are united in our efforts to keep supporting our community. We are excited to keep moving in this direction. You will see activity from us as soon as the handover is finished. We look forward to again, working for our community and ask you to keep working with us to enhance our lives in this great community.

Boo Bingo !!!!!