Cool Community Association

Hall Rental Fees & Policies – 2017






x  X  x


Monday through Thursday

(excludes Holidays):

$40 per two hours

x  X  x

Friday through Sunday & Holidays:

$60 per two hours


$250 per 10 hours

x  X  x

Security / Cleaning Deposit:

Equal to the Rental amount – 

but not less than $100


x  X  x


The renter is responsible for

factoring in the time needed

to set up and clean up the Hall

x  X  x

The Rental Fee, separate

Security/Cleaning Deposit,

Certificate of Insurance

and a Signed Contract will

“lock” the event on our calendar

x  X  x

If alcohol will be sold by any

means (cover charge, pre-paid

tickets, barter, etc.) the renter

is solely responsible for

obtaining any and all

necessary licensing, permits,

special event insurance

x  X  x

For more information, including 

Hall Visits and rental availability, 

please contact the Hall Manager:


Geoff Leiter

530 320 2093


Hall Interior - Chrome
Hall Interior - Dining Area
Hall Interior - Main Area
Music Recital


– Cool Community Association –

Hall Amenities & other Information


– / – 


– Wi-Fi

– Upright Piano

– Pulldown Screen 

for multi-media presentations

– Kitchen

–  Bathrooms (2)

– Air Conditioners / Heating

– 128 folding metal chairs

– 22 rectangular tables, 6′ x 30″

– 02 rectangular tables, 8′ x 30″

– Display Tables, various sizes

– Room Dividers

– Dining area: 30′ w x 40′ l

– Open/main area: 35′ w x 33′ l

– Occupancy: 151 Seated, 454 Standing

– Beatific Outdoor Area

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